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Most burglaries are opportunist crimes. An open window, a ladder or an old rotten door are all an invitation to a burglar. So what can you do to make sure that you don't become a victim?


Things that you can do today:

  Never hide keys. Try to have a key holder nearby in case you lock yourself out

  Never hide keys under mats or plant pots or in sheds or garages. These are favourite places to hide a key and

     burglars know it

  Leave a radio on when you go out

  Leave a light on when you go out at night

  Lock all doors and close all ground floor windows even if you are only popping out for a minute

  If you have Mortice locks on external doors then use them. Burglars hate them because, unlike Yale locks, they can't

     be opened from the inside without the key

  Lock ladders up so that they can't be used to access upstairs windows

  Don't leave money and valuables lying around. Burglars prefer to steal items with high value that are easy to carry,

     such as cash, jewellery and credit cards. Don't leave such items lying around and preferably put them in a safe

  Think about what is visible through your windows. A burglar will be much more likely to try and break in if they can see

     things worth stealing


Ways to improve the the security of your premises:

  Fit window locks - burglars don't like breaking glass as they may leave forensic evidence

  If you don't have Mortice locks on external doors then get them fitted. Burglars hate them because, unlike Yale locks,

     they can't be opened from the inside without the key

  Strengthen front door with Kickstop® without making your house look like a prison

  Fit an Alarm System

  Make your back garden secure by locking gates and having high, well maintained fences. Burglars love having a

     secluded, but easily accessible garden so that they can break in without being seen

  If you can afford it, fit CCTV systems. It is the only way you will know what actually happened and makes capturing

     criminals much easier


If you are going on holiday:

  Invest in some timers and put some lights and a radio on the timer

  Get a friend, relative or neighbour to pop in regularly while you are away and clear the mail and newspapers away

     from the front door

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