Security Gates 

AB Key offers a range of UK manufactured security gates that can be supplied for manual or electric operation, suitable for commercial and industrial use. A range of styles and finishes are available to choose from. 

The types of metal security gates we supply for commercial or industrial premises include: 

Bi-Folding Metal Gates 

Available in a wide range of designs, basic designs are available off the shelf and most other styles can be bespoke manufactured and made to measure. 

Like most of our ranges, our bi-folding systems can be fully automated or manually operated, depending on your requirements. (Some premises, for example, are not able to fit electric automated systems, where others are suitable for this type of automated solution). 

Sliding Metal Gates 

Multiple designs are available off the shelf, and most other styles of commercial gates can be chosen from our bespoke range and thus made to measure. 

Sliding gates are available as cantilever or run on a ground track and can be fully automated or manually operated.  

Electric sliding gates are often used in environments where additional commercial security is required, whether that be a business premise, a hospital, other public sector buildings, shops or industrial premises. 

Metal Swing Gates 

Available in a wide range of designs. Multiple designs are available off the shelf. We can also offer  bespoke, made to measure solutions to suit your needs. 

Our range of UK made metal gates include electric gates – sometimes known as electric or automated gates – as well as those that are operated manually.  We also provide a wide range of different access control systems, depending on your circumstances. 

Do you currently have manual gates? Would you like them automated? See our Access Control Section for more details… 

Roller Shutters 

AB Key has a range of roller shutters that can be supplied for manual or electric operation and are suitable for commercial and industrial use. All our electric roller shutters can be operated individually or with group controls. 

The range of roller shutter’s we supply for commercial premises include: 

Vision Roller Shutters 

These are designed to offer maximum vision through the roller shutter without jeopardising security. With an aesthetically pleasing hood box, available in manual or electric operation, depending on size and application. 

Car Park Roller Shutters 

Designed to be easy to use and very durable without jeopardising the security of the roller shutter with an aesthetically pleasing hood box, this is one of the most compact solutions on the market to ensuring the least amount of head room is lost in a car park. 

Depending on the setup of your car park entry and exit systems, you can operate these roller shutters via most access control and traffic light systems. Car park shutters are usually designed for high usage and are available with a range of motors, specified and built to suit each application. 

Aluminium Roller Shutters 

Compact aluminium roller shutters are suitable for a wide variety of applications including schools, hospitals, shops, commercial / industrial units and high security applications. They provide very quiet operation with brush strips in the guide rails and a rubber closing strip to the bottom of the shutter. 

All our shutters are designed with an aesthetically pleasing hood box that is the most compact on the market, as well as being available with manual or electric operation – depending on the required size and application. 

Fire Rated Roller Shutters 

Available to fit in with all manner of environments where fire security is an essential element of the overall safety of the organisation. 

Hospitals, commercial premises, factories, industrial units etc can all benefit from having fire rated security shutters fitted – both for peace of mind and to conform to the relevant safety standards. 

The shutters are rated from a 30 minute and up to a 4 hour fire rating. 

Steel Roller Shutters 

The perfect choice if you require additional security for your premises – whether a hospital, shop, industrial unit or any other building that needs high security. 

These steel security shutters are designed to fit in with your existing premises, incorporating a small hood box that compliments the attractive design. 

Barriers & Turnstiles 

AB Key has a range of security barriers, car park barriers and turnstiles to suit every different type of application. 

For example – schools, hospitals, industrial units, commercial premises, shopping centres etc. 

Wherever you might require a barrier system and for controlling vehicle and pedestrian entrances, there’s sure to be a security barrier and turnstile in our range to suit. 

Alternatively, you can choose bespoke, made to order barriers or turnstiles, depending on your environment. 

So if you require additional security around your existing car park, or you simply want to be able to implement crowd control or limit access to authorised personnel, there’s certain to be something in our selection of barriers and turnstiles that will meet to your specific circumstances. 

All our different barriers and turnstiles are available in a wide range of designs and specifications to fit your individual requirements and – as with most of our products – can be polyester powder coated to any standard RAL colour. 

A service contract for peace of mind – arrange it and forget it… 

As with anything electrical or mechanical, regular servicing and maintenance will help to ensure many years of reliable use and may also help to prevent future problems arising.  

Just like a new car needs to have a regular service, a new electric gate is much the same.  

When you invest money in an automation system, it makes sense to have it looked after properly by us. 

Contact AB Key today for a free maintenance quotation!