There are many different options that enable you to control who and when people enter and leave different points of your premises. You can choose from, proximity Reader’s (fob system’s), Remote control transmitters, keypad entry or entry/ exit induction loops for vehicle access. These are just a few of many options to give you full control over your property.  All these options and more can be used to tailor a solution to meet your needs.

  • Proximity System – This access system is ideal for high foot traffic properties. This system will allow you to keep a log tracking user activity individually and allow you to add or remove users when needed.
  • Keypad – This can be integrated with an intercom system or used as a standalone item. Units can be programmed to hold multiple codes with the option to split codes between different times of the day or by household. Perfect for shared access buildings or vehicle control on your property.
  • Push Button Entry – the simplest form of control a push button can be placed by any door or gate to allow unlimited entry or exit.
  • Remote Control Transmitters – Small, hand-held devices that can have up to four buttons to operate separate pieces of equipment such as gates, garage doors, lights or anything else you could possibly want to open or turn on upon arrival. Perfect for domestic installations or gated carparks where each member of the property can be given a transmitter for their own entry.
  • Free entry/exit induction loops – These are set into the surface of your driveway or car park and work by detecting the metal mass of a vehicle, allowing automatic access when a vehicle approaches and can double as safety devices in keeping gates open whilst a vehicle is passing through. Override switches and timeclocks can be used to control or restrict access when required.